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Wild: a Plant Shop

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Digital counterpart to the retail concept, Wild’s site provides information and e-commerce in a way that’s calming and inviting.

Wild: a plant shop - branding and website


My Role

Art Director, UX Designer

I created the wild logo to be bright and organic, veering away from the more geometric and minimalist trends these types of brands have relied on heavily in the past. With the branding expanded into a site, I wanted it to balance the more unkempt modern layout with the more feminine logo. From there I built out two basic functions of the website, the home page and the e-commerce page, keeping it bright, engaging, yet simple.

The Needs

The purpose of Wild’s retail concept is to ground the guests and encourage them to detach from their digital devices— so why should the the site be any different? The site needed to be basic, allowing users to get their info (or plant!) and get out. And because there’s no avoiding it, the site needed to be efficient and visually pleasing.

wild logo.jpg